About Us

We are the MacFarlanes – Jeff & Angie, and our 3 children – Matt, Miranda, and Mason, and we live in the small coastal fishing community of Port Orford, Oregon. Many people ask us where we came up with Big Daddy Mac’s sauce. Well, it’s a bit of a funny but true tale, and actually came to be from a “salsa accident” of our oldest son, Matt. One beautiful southern Oregon coast day, in the wake of a kitchen experiment gone marginally “off course” at Matt’s house, he unknowingly invented the sauce that is now known as “Big Daddy Mac’s”. Instead of throwing it away, he thoughtfully brought it over to Mom & Dad’s house to dispose of or use it up.

People tried it, people asked about it, and people loved it. I, Jeff (Dad – aka Big Daddy Mac) knew from that moment on that we had to produce it, bottle it, and share this uniquely wonderful but slightly accidental masterpiece. I, decided that we had to painstakingly re-create the original (accidental) recipe, work through the process to get it approved, and jump through all of the local, state and Federal regulations & requirements to put it on the shelf in stores.

Several years later, it is now produced, bottled and marketed by our family, and available in stores spanning 120 miles of the southern Oregon coast to the northern California coast, and moving inland. Matt and I work on the technical end of producing and marketing, while Angie (mom), sister Miranda, and younger brother Mason all make up the actual production team of this family business.

What we named “Big Daddy Mac’s Sweet-Smoky-Spicy Everything Sauce” is not a salsa, not a barbeque sauce….it’s not a hot sauce and not really a relish or a dip. It is as original as an accidental creation can be, yet as versatile as the complete combination of all of the above. Earthy, bold & hearty, sweet, smoky, and spicy just like it says. Try it – like it – love it. Big Daddy Mac’s….it is really everything we didn’t know it could be!